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Billing and Financing

Financial Policies


Types of fees

There are three fees associated with

work done at Dental Surgery Center of DC:

  1. Anesthesia 

  2. Facility        

  3. Dental        

Coordinate with your dentist or Capital Children's Dental Center for dental fees



Insurance coverage will be verified and pre-authorized prior to your procedure.  Any fees not covered by your insurance company must be covered by the patient


Uninsured Patients 

If you do not have health insurance, please contact Dental Surgery Center of DC directly to discuss your situation.  


Pre-payment of fees

We require payment of known co-pays on the day of your appointment.  Some insurances may not require co-pays to be paid until after treatment is complete and your benefits are analyzed.

Medicaid patients are not responsible for any payment prior to their procedure for covered services (note that Maryland Adult Medicaid does not cover facility fees and some anesthesia fees).

Medical Insurances Accepted

We accept the following medical insurances:

State Insurances

  • Maryland Medicaid for REM patients and (children ages 0-20)

  • Amerigroup (DC Medicaid MCO)

  • AmeriHealth (DC Medicaid MCO)

  • CareFirst Community Health Plan (DC Medicaid MCO)

  • Health Services for Children with Special Needs (DC Medicaid MCO)

  • Medstar Family Choice (DC Medicaid MCO)

  • Virginia Medicaid (children ages 0-20)

  • United Healthcare (Maryland adult Medicaid, ages 21+)

Private Insurances

  • Aetna

  • CareFirst

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • United Healthcare / UMR / GEHA

  • Aetna

  • Humana

(please be sure to check with your insurance to make sure that the procedure is covered by your plan)


Contact us if your insurance isn't listed!


For patients who would like to finance their treatment, we work with the following financing companies:


Contact a billing specialist for more information about these programs

Understanding your Bill

Similar to going to the hospital, you will be billed for three items:

  1. Dental Surgery Fee (charged by your dentist, to cover the dentist's time and efforts)

  2. Facility Fee (Charged by the facility, to cover nurses, supplies, etc)

  3. Anesthesia Fee (charged by the anesthesiologist to cover the anesthesiologist's time and efforts)

Your dental surgeon will charge you any fees and copays directly.  This covers things like crowns, fillings, extractions, cleanings, etc.  They will usually submit your claim to insurance and the estimated copay will be the portion that is not covered by your insurance, though sometimes actual copays differ from estimated copays.

The Facility Fee will usually be covered at least in part by your medical insurance.  This fee covers the nurses, scheduling staff, supplies and rent for the facility.  Our billing company will send our charges to your insurance company, who will adjudicate the claim and advise our billing company how much you owe.  They will send an "Explanation of Benefits"--this is not a bill, just a description of what your insurance company covers.

You will receive an estimate for copay owed on your Facility Fee that must be paid prior to your appointment.  If you do not, please contact the billing department via email at to inquire regarding the status of your bill.  On rare occasions the patient needs to contact the insurance company to facilitate payment.

The anesthesia fees or copay owed will also be collected before the treatment.

We are always striving to ensure that you maximize the usage of insurance benefits available to you--please contact a billing specialist for more information.

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