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For Providers

OR Dentistry Reimagined

At the Dental Surgery Center of DC, we only treat dental patients--dental surgery is our focus.  Coming here is like going to a hospital designed exclusively for your convenience.

What does that mean for you?  Our entire process is designed to be a delight for the dental surgeon.  No more waiting for OR turnover, limits on the number of patients you can treat, or getting bumped for emergency cases.  Our staff helps schedule, obtain medical and anesthesia pre-authorizations, and get pre-operative medical clearances in place.

What are you waiting for?


Any Dental Surgeon or Oral Surgeon who treats patients under general anesthesia can get credentialed to treat their patients at the Dental Surgery Center of DC.  We will give scheduling preference to doctors who can bring full case loads.

All credentialed doctors must comply with our facility's policies and procedures.

To obtain a credentialing application or ask more about the credentialing process, reach out to Jeff Wheeler at

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